Equality North Carolina Releases Detailed ‘Truth’ About Proposed Marriage Amendment

During next week’s special session of the North Carolina legislature, Republican leadership will be pushing a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. While the amendment’s proponents have been busy consorting with anti-gay hate groups, Equality North Carolina has been raising awareness about how out of touch they are with North Carolina voters. Their newest effort is a 20-page booklet called “The Truth About the Discriminatory, Job-Killing, Harmful, Family-Unfriendly, Divisive, Anti-LGBT Marriage Amendment,” which outlines in compelling detail eight “truths” about the proposed amendment:

– The anti-LGBT amendment is redundant and an unnecessary use of lawmaker time & resources.

– The anti-LGBT amendment is bad for business, causing real harm to North Carolina’s ability to attract and support businesses in the state.

– The anti-LGBT amendment would negate benefits for thousands of public employees.

– The anti-LGBT amendment is a distraction from North Carolina voters’ true priorities.

– A majority of North Carolinians support legal relationship recognition for same-sex couples.

– The anti-LGBT amendment causes real harm to NC families by threatening the state laws that currently protect them.

– The anti-LGBT amendment threatens unmarried women and men’s protections under NC’s current domestic-violence laws.

– The anti-LGBT amendment is not a conservative act, but an extreme rewrite of North Carolina‘s Constitution.

Packed with studies, polls, and analysis, Equality NC’s booklet makes an airtight case against the amendment. Hopefully the legislature will fail to pass it next week, sparing the group a very expensive 14-month campaign to convince voters how harmful the constitutional change would be.