UPDATED: New Hampshire House Committee Approves Bill To Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

A subcommittee of the New Hampshire House will consider two bills to repeal the state’s 2009 same-sex marriage law, the Associated Press is reporting, and will likely move the measures to the House for a vote early next year. The legislature took up three separate repeal bills — which would not impact existing same-sex marriages, but prohibit new unions — last year, but postponed the question to focus on economic issues. A poll from February found that 62 percent of New Hampshire voters are opposed to repealing the marriage law.


In a 3 to 1 vote the committee approved HB 437, which repeals the marriage equality law and “allows both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples to form civil unions.” “It also contains language that allows any business, individual, school or association to refuse to recognize civil unions, exempting them from state laws that bar discrimination on housing, employment, contracts and grants.”

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