New Data Shows Compounding Injustice For Black Transgender Community

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has released new findings today from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey about the intersections of race, gender identity, and socio-economic status for people who are black and transgender. Here are the key data points:

34 percent of black transgender people report a household income of less than $10,000/year, profoundly higher than for transgender people of all races (15 percent), the general black population (9 percent), and the general U.S. population (4 percent).

20 percent of black transgender people are HIV-positive and an additional 10 percent don’t know their status, compared to only 2.64 percent of trans people of all races, 2.4 percent of the general black population, and 0.60 percent of the general U.S. population.

Nearly half of all black transgender people have attempted suicide.

Black transgender people who were out to their families found acceptance at a higher rate than other transgender respondents.

Read the full report for more details about the experience of black transgender people in education, employment, housing, health care, and public safety.