Fox News’ Keith Ablow: Being Transgender Is ‘An Exact Parallel’ To Anorexia, Heroin Addiction

During an appearance on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow doubled down on his argument that Chaz Bono’s appearance on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars will encourage children to change their gender. “You have someone who is not a man, asserting that he is a man and the bottom line is that this can kindle people who are having trouble with their identities: adolescents, tom-boys, boys who are effeminate into thinking, ‘you know what, maybe I’m not just those things, maybe I should go the whole way,” he said.

Ablow, who yesterday resigned from the American Psychiatric Association because they disagree with him, also compared being transgender to anorexia and heroin addiction:

ABLOW: We wouldn’t invite people with anorexia to go on fashion shows and talk about how wonderful they feel now that they’re thinner…this is an exact parallel. […] Take the heroin dependent people, put them on TV with their drug paraphernalia and have them speak about how happy they are.

Watch it: