Once Strongly Opposed To DADT Repeal, Marines Now Try To Prove They’re Best At Recruiting Gays

Before President Obama signed legislation repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in December 2010, the Marines presented the strongest opposition to ending the policy. Former Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway argued that Marines who “don’t want to room” with openly gay soldiers should be allowed to live separately and current Commandant Gen. James Amos insisted that if Congress lifted the ban against open service and allowed gays to serve without hiding their sexual orientation, the Marines could be so distracted that they would die in the line of duty. But with DADT officially repealed, the New York Times is reporting that the Marines are fully embracing the new recruiting opportunities: “The Marines were the service most opposed to ending the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, but they were the only one of five invited branches of the military to turn up with their recruiting table and chin-up bar at the [gay community] center Tuesday morning. Although Marines pride themselves on being the most testosterone-fueled of the services, they also ferociously promote their view of themselves as the best. With the law now changed, the Marines appear determined to prove that they will be better than the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard in recruiting gay, lesbian and bisexual service members.”