Six Examples Of The Petty Homophobia Of Perry’s Latest Supporter, Sam Brownback

Gov. Brownback leads a prayer at Perry's "The Response."

Today, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) endorsed fellow conservative Gov. Rick Perry (TX) as the Republican nominee for president. The two are old friends, and Brownback was one of only two governors to appear at Perry’s prayer rally this summer. Perry has not directly addressed LGBT issues since he launched his campaign, but he has a history of opposing equality. Brownback’s endorsement shines further light on the kind of company Perry keeps, as Brownback has repeatedly reacted in petty and petulant ways to LGBT issues. Here are six examples of Brownback’s anti-gay record:

– BROWNBACK OPPOSED A JUDICIAL APPOINTMENT OVER LESBIAN COMMITMENT CEREMONY: As a senator, Brownback spent months blocking the nomination of Janet Neff to the U.S. District Court of western Michigan. The sole reason for his opposition? Neff had once presided over a lesbian commitment ceremony.

– BROWNBACK DEFENDED PROPONENTS OF HARMFUL EX-GAY THERAPY: In 2008, the anti-gay Focus on the Family and its founder James Dobson were inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and groups like Truth Wins Out protested the “outrageous insult” to gays and lesbians. Brownback defended Dobson, calling for a Senate resolution honoring and congratulating Dobson and his radio program.

– BROWNBACK BANNED USE OF FLAGPOLES IN PRIDE PARADE: This summer, Brownback tried to limit an LGBT equality celebration at the Kansas state Capitol by banning participants from using any kind of flagpoles, including tiny hand-held flags, deeming them as “dangerous weapons.” He previously had no problem with the Knights of Columbus using both flags and swords at a capitol event.

BROWNBACK SUPPORTED TAX CREDITS FOR “TRADITIONAL” MARRIAGE: Not only does Brownback oppose marriage equality, but he has even expressed support for tax incentives to encourage only straight couples to marry.

BROWNBACK DEFENDED BELIEF THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS “IMMORAL”: In 2007, when Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace said homosexuality is “immoral” and analogous to adultery, Brownback defended him, saying he was merely expressing “his personal moral views.”

BROWNBACK HAS TIES TO ANTI-GAY DOMINIONIST, LOU ENGLE: Brownback has tried to downplay his ties to dominionist minister Lou Engle, who organizes anti-gay prayer rallies called “The Call.” But Brownback has shared a stage with Engle and also has real estate ties to him — they were roommates for seven months.