Perry Endorser Suggested New Hampshire ‘Sold’ Adoptees To Same-Sex Couples

One of the newest endorsers of Rick Perry’s Republican presidential bid once compared same-sex adoption to child trafficking. New Hampshire state Rep. Al Baldasaro (R) testified in 2010 that he felt marriage equality was “pushed down my throat,” and went on to compare same-sex marriage to incest and polygamy before suggesting that the state was “selling” children to same-sex couples who were adopting:

BALDASARO: It’s not normal. I disagree. So because I disagree with something that was pushed down my throat, I’m supposed to roll over because, Representative, you think it’s normal? I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong person. […]

What about being disrespectful to sister-sister that love each other? Sister-brother? Sister-mom? Incest? …Are we discriminating against all them? What about the Muslims now? Everyone’s praising  the Muslims. They’re killing us. What about them? They want three, four wive? We’re discriminating against them! […]

I wanted to make sure everyone understood here that this legislature sold the rights of $10,000 per kid under Title IV E, when they said that homosexual couples — not married — could adopt. […] We sold each kid to a homosexual couple that’s not married for $10,000.

Watch it: