Growing Number Of North Carolina Voters Support Legal Recognition For Same-Sex Couples

Earlier this month, despite overwhelming public opposition, North Carolina’s general assembly added a question to the May ballot asking voters to approve a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage. According to today’s new Elon University Poll, distate for the policy may be increasing, with fifty-six percent of respondents now saying they oppose banning marriage equality in the constitution.” The poll also found the number of people who would prefer to see no legal recognition for same-sex couples has dropped since pollsters began asking the same question two years ago,” the Progressive Pulse reports:

N.C. constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage
September 2011: 56 percent oppose / 39 percent support
February 2011: 56 percent oppose / 38 percent support
March 2009: 50 percent oppose / 43 percent support

Oppose any legal recognition for same-sex couples:
September 2011: 34 percent
February 2011: 35 percent
March 2009: 44 percent