San Francisco’s Gay Mayoral Candidate On Groundbreaking Ad: ‘Having A Child Is About Love’

San Francisco mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty became the first openly gay politician to use his daughter in a campaign ad earlier this week, a milestone that sparked some controversy among conservatives. Dufty brushed aside the criticism during an appearance on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts this afternoon and explained that San Francisco voters have embraced his “modern family”:

DUFTY: Having a child is about love, it’s what I wanted all my life. You know Thomas, my mother escaped from Nazi Germany and she raised me pretty much by herself and I’ve never met anyone in her family. And so I always wanted to have a child. She’s been gone for many years now. It means a lot to me, but I understand people can view it differently. I take the long road and think that down the road people will see my child as a happy child.

Watch it:

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