Minnesota Catholic Conference: ‘What If A Bisexual Wants A Partner Of Each Kind?’

The Minnesota Catholic Conference is one of the three large organizations pushing for an amendment to the Minnesota state constitution banning same-sex marriage, and its executive director, Jason Adkins, is using the spotlight to spout as much anti-gay nonsense as he can. Earlier this week, he joined the Archdiocese in saying that any Catholics who support marriage equality are “not in good standing” with the Church, and suggested the only way for gays to earn respect is to “exercise chastity.” Now, Adkins is arguing that same-sex marriage would allow bisexual people to marry more than one partner at a time:

ADKINS: It’s about preserving an important institution. When you’re talking about marriage and changing the definition of marriage, you’re not creating a separate institution called same-sex marriage. You’re in fact redefining marriage for everyone. There’s little reason why you’d limit it to two people at all. What if a bisexual wants a partner of each kind, a man and a woman? Are you leaving that group out?

Besides the fact that the fight for marriage equality has nothing to do with polygamy, Adkins’ comments completely misrepresent bisexuality by suggesting it has any connection to having multiple partners. A more appropriate understanding for bisexuality would be that people who are bi have the potential for sexual and romantic relationships with more than one gender — that their attractions are not limited to just men or just women. The number of people an individual wants to have a relationship with has no connection to the number of people that individual might be attracted to.