Maddow Chats With Ellen About Her ‘Mannish’ Hate Mail, New Documentary About Women In Media

Rachel Maddow discussed Miss Representation, a documentary about how the media hyper-sexualizes women, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and revealed that she herself has been a victim of gender stereotypes. “A constant 14 percent of the feedback I get is hate mail,” Maddow said. “But a 100 percent of that 14 percent hate mail is about what what I look like: ‘I hate you not because of what you said, or some argument or some position that you have, but I hate you because you’re Rachel MadCOW, you look like a cow’ or ‘you’re Rachel but I’m going to call you him,'” Maddow explained. “I want new hate mail,” she joked. “I want it to be about something other than me being mannish and cow-like.” Watch it: