Rosie O’Donnell: The Media Has Contributed To The Nation’s Anti-Gay Bullying Epidemic

Rosie O’Donnell appeared on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts this afternoon to discuss her new talk show on OWN and how changes in the media may be contributing to the bullying of LGBT youth. Speaking of her now infamous feud with Donald Trump, O’Donnell said she was “pretty shocked on how many stations he was allowed to go on and sort of debase my character, my physical appearance, my femininity, every single thing about me…he was bullying for like seven months,” she said, adding that “some of the 24-hour news networks seemed to take pride in the fact that they bully people.”

“When I was on T.V. …nobody was asking you if you were gay or not. You know, nobody ever asked me in the entire run of my show if I was gay, because it wasn’t part of the social zeitgeist, it wasn’t part of pop culture,” O’Donnell observed. “But then, after I was on a few years, Will and Grace went on the air and that changed everything. And then Ellen came out. You know, it changed. So you have to think that in the 15 years so many things have changed and some parts of the country have not really caught up.” Watch it: