‘Family Values’ School Board Candidate Rants Against ‘Militant Homosexuals’

Mylinda Mason — a candidate for school board in Modesto, California — is accusing “militant homosexuals” of destroying campaign memorabilia in response to her opposition to SB-48, a new law that requires schools to incorporate the contributions of the LGBT community in the curricula. Marson has an openly gay son, but presents herself as a Christian social conservative who supports teaching “family values” in the classroom. Mason condemned “homosexuals” for tearing down her signs on several community Facebook pages, and posted on her own personal page once after her comments were removed:

“Wow…Tough day. The Liberals are going out of their way to attack my positions on the social issues that will largely influence any implementation of mandates as a result of my School Board ‘votes’. My Biblical family values are not up for random change.”

“My signs are being damaged, torn down and stolen all over town by the intolerant left. The threat of a Christian grandmother is more than they can take. I just received the third phone call this morning to let me know about the damage done in the dark of night. Having taken a stand for what is right and true, homosexuals and other liberals want to make me pay a price, if not financially at least emotionally and psychologically. Militant homosexual groups and pro-abortion activists have engaged in this type of behavior for decades, only now attacks are getting even more brazen. MM”

Watch a local news report:

Mason prominently condemns SB-48 on her website, saying, “I believe that it is a moral, educational, and financial travesty to mandate our children be taught to accept a lifestyle that is against the beliefs of the majority of the Parents of Modesto.” “This is an issue that goes against my Christian morality and should addressed at the discretion of the parents, if they deem it necessary. It is also educationally unnecessary to discuss the lifestyle choice of any historical figure.”