Bachmann Accuses Romney Of ‘Signing 189 Same-Sex Marriage Licenses’ As Governor Of Massachusetts

Michele Bachmann went after Mitt Romney’s record on same-sex marriage during an appearance on the Steve Deace radio show last week, accusing the former Massachusetts governor — whose state began issuing same-sex licenses in May of 2004 — of signing “189 same-sex marriage license.” Without referring to Romney by name Bachmann asked, “If a candiate has signed those same-sex marriage licenses, how likely will they be to fight against same-sex marriage?” Listen:

Bachmann is regurgitating a popular misconception put forward by right-wing groups that conflates the state’s One Day Marriage Designation with actual marriage licenses. As the Massachusetts state website explains, “[t]he One-Day Marriage Designation is not a marriage license,” but rather a certificate the governor can issue to “designate non-clergy individuals to solemnize a marriage.” Once same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts, the Romney administration granted designation applications to same and opposite sex couples.

While Romney walked a more moderate line on LGBT equality as governor than he he now does as a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, he has opposed same-sex marriage and took steps toward blocking town clerks from issuing licenses to out-of-state gay couples.