NOM Bullies Corporations Into Hiring And Protecting Anti-Gay Demonizers

The National Organization for Marriage has become one of the biggest bullies against same-sex families, but the organization shrouds its propaganda in a devious self-victimizing campaign. Like the Michigan GOP, NOM believes religious conviction provide a free pass to demonize and vilify the gay community and that any attempt to curb the negative messages the organization and its staff spew is an affront to their rights. They doubled down on this strategy in September with the creation of their “Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance,” which spotlights people who are openly homophobic for their “courage” to speak out. Now, they have tripled down with the creation of a “Corporate Fairness Project,” which asks businesses to pledge not to “discriminate” against “marriage supporters.”

NOM targeted Bank of America and the Cisco Corporation as the first to join the project. Both came under fire from NOM’s first “anti-defamation” victim, Dr. Frank Turek, who lost his corporate consulting jobs with them because of his anti-gay views. Though the Human Rights Campaign has given BoA and Cisco ratings of 100 on its Corporate Equality Index, they have kowtowed to NOM’s demands. Cisco admitted it was “incorrect” to “discriminate against vendors such as Frank Turek” and BoA celebrated the diverse viewpoints of its employees, adding that “Dr. Turek remains a vendor in good standing with us.”

But neither company has any obligation to associate with a vendor such as Turek, especially given how radically anti-gay his views are — views that he sells in the form of books, lectures, and appearances with hate groups like the Family Research Council and American Family Association. Good As You and Right Wing Watch have tracked Turek’s extreme anti-gay positions:

These are harmful, fear-mongering views. Bank of America and Cisco decided not to affiliate with Turek because of them, but now NOM has bullied him back into their corporate profiles. There is no right to spread stigma, and companies who affiliate with NOM should be held accountable for endorsing such an idea.