Perry ‘Would Be Comfortable’ With Reinstating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Rick Perry suggested that he would reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell during an interview with ABC News’ Christine Amanpour this morning and promised to speak to military commanders about the policy if elected president. “I think Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell worked very well,” Perry responded, ignoring the thousands of service members dismissed form the military because of their sexual orientation. “I think the President of the United States changing a policy that was working well and to do it while we were at war in two different theaters, I think was irresponsible and I think he truly did it to respond to his political base,” Perry said.

Asked if he would have been uncomfortable serving with openly-gay members in the Air Force, Perry simply said, “I don’t ask that question”:

PERRY: If an individual in their private life makes a decision about their sexuality from the standpoint of how they’re going to practice it, that’s their business. I don’t think that question needs to be asked. That’s the reason Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was in fact a workable policy and that’s where I would be comfortable with our country going back to that.

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