Robo Calls Suggest Iowa Democratic Candidate ‘Endorses Homosexual Sex Acts’

Democratic candidate Liz Mathis

A group calling itself “Citizens for Honesty and Sound Marriage” has been making robo calls in Iowa Senate District 18, accusing Democratic candidate Liz Mathis of “homosexual sex acts”:

ROBO CALL: Liz Mathis also endorses homosexual marriage. But Iowa just threw out three supreme court judges who also did. Homosexual marriage obviously involves homosexual sex. So, before you support Liz Mathis, call her at 319-899-0628 and ask her which homosexual sex acts she endorses.

Watch KGAN’s report about the calls:

The National Organization for Marriage has spent close to $40,000 injecting the issue of same-sex marriage into the special election race and endorsing Republican Cindy Golding, hoping to eliminate the Democratic majority in the Iowa Senate. This is despite the fact that 86 percent of Iowa voters say same-sex marriage is not the most important issue guiding their vote.

NOM and its Iowa-based partner The FAMiLY LEADER have “decried” the “bogus” calls, suggesting they’re a “dirty trick” and calling upon the Iowa Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation. Golding’s campaign has similarly distanced itself from the calls. Even if NOM is not directly responsible for the calls, the group is still responsible for using large sums of outside money to inject the issue of marriage into the race in the first place. If NOM was not prepared to stand by the homophobic rhetoric at the heart of their anti-equality argument, perhaps they should not have involved themselves at all.