60 Percent Of Americans Live In Places That Don’t Offer Protections For Gay Couples

A New York Times editorial celebrated the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote in favor of repealing the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act — which prohibits the federal government from recognizes same-sex marriage performed in the states — but warned that “nearly 60 percent of Americans live in places that do not protect gay couples in any way”:

Twenty-nine states have enacted constitutional amendments blocking same-sex marriage. In 18 of those states, the amendments also ban domestic partnerships or civil unions. Twelve states bar same-sex marriage by statute, and in two, Minnesota and North Carolina, anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendments will go before voters next year.


The paper called on the Supreme Court act on behalf of marriage equality: “The Supreme Court may soon have a chance to sweep away the injustice in several pending cases that challenge these laws. Just as it ruled unanimously in 1967 that laws barring interracial marriage violated due process and equal protection under the Constitution, it must affirm the civil rights of gay people.”