Marcus Bachmann Demands $150 For Harmful Ex-Gay Therapy He Didn’t Even Provide

Back in July, Truth Wins Out’s John Becker went undercover to one of Marcus Bachmann’s religious counseling clinics and confirmed that therapists there offer harmful, repudiated ex-gay therapy. Afterward, Becker canceled his follow-up appointments, telling the clinic he had to return to Wisconsin to care for a sick family member. Two months later, he started receiving bills for the no-show fees, because the clinic did not cancel all of his follow-up appointments. After Becker played some phone tag to resolve the situation, Marcus Bachmann himself called this week to demand the payment:

Hello John Becker, this is Doctor Marcus Bachmann [emphasis his]; I received a message from our billing department asking if we would write off the two no-show fees for 7/7/11 and 7/12/11. We will not [emphasis his] be writing those off, so you do owe those no-show fees, and we would expect payment as soon as possible, otherwise we will have to turn it over to collections. If you have any questions you can call (651) 379-0444. Thank you.

Listen to it:

Bachmann has tried to obfuscate whether his clinics offer ex-gay therapy, confirming in July that they do, then backtracking in August that they never would. Whatever he might try to claim, there’s no refuting the video evidence of one of his therapists offering Becker ex-gay therapy, though it’s unclear if Bachmann realized who exactly he was calling. Either way, it seems he is intent on cashing in.