Archbishop Timothy Dolan Met With Obama To Discuss Religious Liberties, Other Concerns

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan says he had an “extraordinarily friendly” meeting with President Obama on Nov. 8, in which the two men discussed “pertinent moral concerns arising in foreign and domestic policy, issues of both agreement and disagreement.” Dolan — who is the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops — has criticized the administration for failing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and actively lobbied against same-sex marriage in New York. The Catholic leadership sees both as a threat to religious liberty. “It was very candid. I would say there were areas of agreement and disagreement,” Dolan told reporters yesterday. “But I would say this: that I found the president of the United States to be very open to the sensitivities of the Catholic community that were worried about an intrusion into religious liberty.” He added that Obama was “very sensitive” to the bishops’ “concerns over gay marriage and insurance mandates to provide artificial birth control coverage as part of the new health care reform law.”