Bill O’Reilly And Dennis Miller Turn Hysterical Over Gay Penguins

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller broke out in hysterics last night while covering the story of Buddy and Pedro — two supposedly gay penguins at the Toronto Zoo who will be split up for one week during breeding season. Miller joked if anyone “has seen papers on Pedro, is he even here legally,” asking, “how do you even know when a penguin is gay? Is their corner of the penguin habitat inordinately tasteful?” “They wear tight T-shirts!” O’Reilly retorted.

Watch it:

Zookeepers in Toronto said they want the penguins to breed with females “to help populate the species, which is endangered” and will eventually return to the same enclosure. “If Buddy and Pedro want to be together … they will be back together,” said Tom Mason, Toronto Zoo curator of birds.