President Bush Offered Bachmann Fashion Advise: ‘Lose The Gloves’

In her new book Core of Conviction, Michele Bachmann writes that President George W. Bush offered her fashion advise during a campaign trip to Minnesota in 2006. During a campaign event with the president, Bachmann — then a state senator — had, on the advise of her mother, worn an entirely pink outfit, complete with a pink bag, shoes, and gloves, but in the car ride, Bush “thoughtfully” disagreed with her style choices:

“My mother insisted if I was going to meet the president, I’d have to have pink gloves as well — no exceptions!” she explained. But as she rode in the car with then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty, then Sen. Norm Coleman and Bush’s top aide Karl Rove, she could see the president that she described as “a good listener” who responded “thoughtfully” disagreed with her mother’s advice. “Speaking of thoughtful, he looked down at my pink-gloved hand and asked with a crinkly smile: ‘Why are you wearing those gloves?’ ” she wrote. “I explained and he said gently, ‘Lose the gloves.’ I could see Rove agreed.”

The car then stopped at a custard stand where Bush and Rove had planned a photo op with Bachmann.The images of her and the president munching on ice cream generated good press, she explained.

And although I was still all dressed up, at least I wasn’t wearing — thanks to the president’s good counsel — those over-the-top gloves,” Bachmann writes.

Incidentally, Bachmann is no stranger to accepting fashion tips from men. Her husband Marcus has served as her fashion consultant, picking out “a sleek, simple hourglass dress with a yoke collar in winter white” before a visit from Vice President Dick Cheney.


A reminder of Bachmann’s strong affinity for President Bush:

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