Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Warns Gay People Will Be Punished Severely For Their Behavior

As Zimbabwe considers a new charter that could include protections for minority rights, President Robert Mugabe said yesterday that gay people will be punished for their behavior in accordance with “African and Christian values” and criticized British Prime Minister David Cameron for urging African states to decriminalize homosexuality. “Do not get tempted into that (homosexuality). You are young people. Mukaenda ikoko we will punish you severely,” he said, adding “It becomes worse and Satanic when you get a Prime Minister like Cameron saying countries that want British aid should accept homosexuality. To come with that diabolical suggestion to our people is a stupid offer.” Last month, Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai — who is challenging Mugabe in the country’s first general election since 2008 — said he would support adding protections for LGBT people in the new constitution.