New Hampshire GOP’s Communications Director Joins Pro-Marriage Equality Group

The GOP’s push to repeal New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage law in the upcoming legislative session, may have forced some staffers to jump ship and work for those seeking to preserve marriage equality. Christine Barrata — who until recently served as the GOP’s communications director — has just joined “Standing Up for New Hampshire Families,” a bipartisan pro-marriage group, as a high-level field organizer. “Repealing New Hampshire’s popular marriage law would do lasting damage to the party I love, undermine the values of freedom it’s based upon and do real harm to committed couples who live in our neighborhoods and contribute to our communities. I look forward to working with many Republican friends to defend freedom for all,” Barratta said in a press release issued by the group last week. Brinck Slattery, the New Hampshire state director for Gary Johnson 2012, has also joined the group.