The Morning Pride: November 30, 2011

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North Carolina’s mayors are meeting this week and they’ve invited one of the marriage inequality amendment’s sponsors from the state Senate to join them.

– Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson says that North Carolina’s proposed amendment will tie the hands of future generations.

– A New York judge has allowed a lawsuit challenging the state’s marriage equality legislation to proceed.

– A former August State University counseling student continues to allege her religious freedom was violated when the program expelled her for not fulfilling the code of ethics when it came to working with gay clients.

– The new organization Justin’s Gift is working to create support for Minnesota’s LGBT youth.

– Jenkintown, Pennsylvania has become the 25th Pennsylvania municipality to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

– Evansville, Indiana has also added LGBT nondiscrimination protections.

– The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce has signed onto an amicus brief opposing the Defense of Marriage Act.

– Radical anti-gay activist Randy Thomasson thinks teaching California kids about LGBT people is leading “lambs to the slaughter.”

– Leaders of ex-gay umbrella group Exodus International recently met in secret to discuss how to avoid financial ruin.

– The leader of Maine’s anti-marriage equality movement reminds us he supports ex-gay therapy or a life of celibacy for all gay people.

– A retired Colorado sheriff is being held in a jail that bears his name after being caught exchanging methamphetamine for gay sex.

– Campus Pride is beginning to premiere a new documentary called “Legalize Gay.”

– Openly gay actor John Barrowman, star of Doctor Who-spinoff Torchwood, thwarted a real-life crime.