The Morning Pride: December 6, 2011

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– How does Michele Bachmann respond when an 8-year-old tells her his mom is gay and doesn’t need fixing? “Buh-bye.

– Jeremy Hooper explains how Newt Gingrich winning the Republican primary would be good for marriage equality.

North Carolina braces for the National Organization for Marriage to arrive.

Columbia, MO, Evansville, IN, and Howard County, MD, are the latest jurisdictions to create non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

– Residents and city leaders in Troy, MI continue to condemn Mayor Janice Daniels for her anti-gay comments on Facebook.

– Can we put an end to the gender binary?

– The National Center for Transgender equality has released a workplace rights guide for transgender federal employees.

– Research shows that HIV stigma continues to be a problem in gay communities.

– A transgender inmate in Virginia is appealing the dismissal of her lawsuit seeking sexual reassignment surgery.

– The students who bullied Jamey Rodeymeyer have (finally) been suspended.

– What would you do if you found a book in your hotel room called “How to Kill Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans Americans“?

Amber Heard and Zachary Quinto give emotional speeches at the Trevor Project Awards.

– The Trevor Project, meanwhile, gets a new look.

– World Magazine awards Exodus International’s Alan Chambers a PR opportunity for his ex-gay organization.

– Over 60,000 petitioners are calling on the president of Nigeria not to sign a proposed law that would punish same-sex couples who attempt to marry.

– A Michigan elementary school teacher censored the word “gay” in “Deck The Halls,” but the principal has assured it’s back in.

Rosie o’Donnell is engaged to be married!

– The 8th grader whose bullying video has gone viral is doing well and getting help as many continue to react to his powerful message, including Lady Gaga and Ricky Martin. Here is a touching response from YouTube musician Jonathan Grant: