Anti-Gay Groups Significantly Outspend LGBT Advocacy Organizations

The Movement Advancement Project has released its annual National LGBT Movement Report, which analyzes the financial documents of 40 prominent LGBT organizations. According to this year’s report, the number of individual donors to these groups constitutes at most 3 percent of the estimated LGBT population. Considering many of those donors are also heterosexual allies, the number is probably even lower.

As a result, organizations are relying more heavily on their largest contributors. The average LGBT organization receives 45 percent of its revenue from its 10 largest contributors, though this dependence is slightly lower for the largest groups. It’s alarming regardless — as the report points out, the top 10 anti-gay foes spend three times as much as all 40 advocacy groups considered in this analysis combined.

Despite concerns about donors, LGBT organizations continue to remain efficient in their fundraising and financially healthy overall. Read the full report for more details about the organizations leading the LGBT movement.