Iowa’s Influential Social Conservative: Gingrich Convinced Us He ‘Asked God’s Forgiveness’ Over Affairs

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Rundown today, Steve Scheffler, the influential social conservative and president of Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, tore into Mitt Romney over his past positions on “homosexual marriage” and for not addressing the “the life issue” on the campaign trail or appearing at conservative events in Iowa.

Scheffler also said Evangelical Christians were not concerned about Newt Gingrich’s complicated martial history, telling Chuck Todd, “I actually sat with the Speaker about a year ago with a group of pastors in talking about some of his past history and that he was regretful of that and that he’d asked God’s forgiveness. And I think by and large most Evangelicals accept that for what it is, that their concern for somebody’s present lifestyle as opposed to their past.” Watch it:

Polls show that conservative Evangelical voters prioritize the economy over social issues like marriage or abortion and most — 34 percent of white evangelicals expected to attend the Republican caucuses on January 3 — now support Gingrich. Romney is attracting 10 percent of the Evangelical vote. While the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition has yet to endorse a candidate in Iowa, another powerful social conservative group, the FAMiLY Leader, may be close to backing the former speaker.