Allen West: Obama’s ‘Talk About Equality And Fairness’ Is ‘Divisive,’ Contrary To American Principles

GOP Rep. Allen West (FL) knows what America is about — freedom. Reacting to President Obama’s speech yesterday, West registered his concern with Fox’s On The Record host Greta Van Susteren over the president’s use of words like “equality” because they fly in the face of liberty, apparently.

“I’m very concerned about this very divisive rhetoric the president is using when he continues to talk about ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ and this thing that I think is really contrary to the principles that I mentioned, as far as life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” he said, adding, “Because the government cannot guarantee happiness.” Watch it:

West has previously compared sexual orientation to an ice cream flavor preference and predicted that gays and lesbians would “break down the military.”

“But the U.S. military is not there as a social experiment and for those who will sit up there and say, Congressman, you should understand because you’re black. Unless I’m Michael Jackson, I can’t change my color. But people can change behavior,” he explained earlier this year.