Police In Michigan Charged With Unfairly Targeting Gay Men

Equality Michigan and Holland Minister are charging Kent County Sheriff’s deputies with targeting and entrapping gay men “for behaviors that would be deemed acceptable for straight couples,” the Grand Rapids Press reports. The group says police officers “arrested 33 gay men in county parks in 2010 under the state’s soliciting and accosting statute, but claim about half of those arrests involved two men merely speaking to undercover deputies, or making casual contact like holding hands.” “There is no money changing hands, so this isn’t prostitution,” Rev. Bill Freeman said. “We’re talking about two consenting adults who are trying to hook up together and if one of them is an undercover officer and the only thing one of them has done is say, ‘Let’s get together someplace,’ I don’t see the problem. They’re making it a problem because they’re targeting gays.” The Sheriff defended his deputies from any wrongdoing, but County Attorney Dan Ophoff “said changes in how county law enforcement deals with such situations are already in the works.” (HT: Back2Stonewall)