Social Conservatives Huddle To Prevent Romney Victory

Conservative leaders James Dobson, Don Wildmon, and Gary Bauer are meeting again in Texas next weekend to build “consensus” and possibly rally around a presidential candidate who is not Mitt Romney, Politico reports. “You and your spouse are cordially invited to a private meeting with national conservative leaders of faith at the ranch of Paul and Nancy Pressler near Brenham, Texas, with the purpose of attempting to unite and to come to a consensus on which Republican Presidential candidate or candidates to support, or which not to support,” read an invitation that is making its way into inboxes this morning. With Michele Bachmann now out of the race, social conservatives will have a choice of Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry (who finished a distant fifth in Iowa, but has pledged to take his campaign into South Carolina). Iowa Evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats — who endorsed Santorum before Christmas — has also urged some of the hopefuls to “reconsider” their candidacies to avoid splitting the social conservative vote. (HT: Right Wing Watch)