Zimbabwe Lawmaker: Gay People Are ‘Cowards’ For Not Coming Out

As Zimbabwe considers a new charter that could include protections for minority rights, a key member of Parliament who sits on the parliamentary committee in charge of the process tells New Zimbabwe that there is “no chance in hell” that the new constitution will include gay rights. “In all the outreach meetings in the provinces we conducted, people were very clear that they don’t want gays,” Edward Mkhosi (MDC) said. “As you know in our culture, such practices are foreign to us, we only know a family with a father and mother…The gays and lesbians were cowards, not even one of them came out to say ‘I’m a homosexual and I want this’. We can’t talk for them, they are not zombies. They should have come out and said we want this thing, but they didn’t.” Homophobia is still widespread in Zimbabwe. Last year, Zimbabwean Member of Parliament Lillian Kirenyi was arrested for suggesting that President Robert Mugabe is gay and Mugabe himself has said gays should be punished in accordance with “African and Christian values.”