Some Minnesota Parents Call For Ex-Gay Therapy, Teaching About AIDS As ‘Gay’ Disease

An example of ex-gay literature promoted on PAL's website.

A small group of parents in Minnesota’s bullying-riddled Anoka-Hennepin School District not only want to prevent the school from offering any support for LGBT students, but have resolved to reverse decades of history and promote an explicitly anti-gay agenda. Andy Birkey, writing for The, has reprinted the full resolution put forth by the Parents Action League (PAL), the group most vocally opposed to changing the district’s “neutrality” policy that prevents teachers from talking about LGBT issues. Here are some excerpts of its offensive claims and recommendations:

And whereas school officials would be liable for violating parental rights by subjecting a child to homosexual and related conduct indoctrination…

And whereas legal liability exists for the tort of negligence if it is proved that homosexual activists and organizations were granted access to students under responsibility and that students suffered physical or mental harm…

1. A new division within the student support services and a special section on the District 11 website devoted to student of faith, moral conviction, ex-homosexuals and ex-transgenders…

3. That District 11 administrators and staff work closely with pro-family and ex-homosexual and ex-transgender organizations to provide ongoing training to school counselors, school nurses, social workers, school psychologists, prevention specialists, student learning advocates and a number of secondary principals and principals….

4. Provide professional development opportunities in which philosophical, pedogogical, and political assumptions of GLBT advocacy are critically examined.

7. Provide the history of gay-related immune deficiencies and acquired immune deficiencies and the medical consequences of homosexual acts.

The candor of PAL’s resolution reveals that the group is actually advocating harm against LGBT people. These statements are full of misinformation and smears against gay people and the importance of helping young people understand the nature of sexual orientation. PAL believes that gay people are dangerous and intend to indoctrinate, that students should be exposed to harmful ex-gay therapy, and AIDS is still a gay disease. Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID) is a name that hasn’t been used to describe HIV/AIDS in over 25 years, and PAL’s use of it is particularly offensive, aside from being obviously inaccurate as well.

It’s important to remember that the president of PAL is Barb Anderson, who is a researcher and spokesperson for the Minnesota Family Council, one of the primary proponents of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota. The vile language in this resolution is just the latest evidence that those opposed to LGBT equality have malicious intent and wish to further stigmatize young people who have been bullied.