Maryland Anti-LGBT Groups Object To Transgender Protections As ‘Dangerous’

Dr. Ruth Jacobs

Baltimore County is considering a bill that would protect transgender people from discrimination in public accommodations, such as restrooms, and religious conservative groups are wasting no time in smearing all trans individuals as sexual predators. The American Family Association, Focus on the Family, and the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute are all highlighting the rhetoric of Dr. Ruth Jacobs of Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government. Here are some of Jacobs’ incendiary comments:

JACOBS: It opens up the bathrooms to men who may be just cross-dressers, who may be a pedophile who uses the law to nefarious advantage. It’s a very dangerous bill. In this law, you’re afraid to complain because [you think] Oh my goodness — maybe I’ll be considered a bigot. But, of course it could be somebody who’s trying to rape me.

This takes away from a woman being a woman. Somebody else is just like you. These people are confused about their gender.

The bill is a direct attack on women’s privacy.

Derek McCoy of the Association of Maryland Families added:

MCCOY: When you look at this bill, the terrible thing about it is you’re talking about allowing someone who self-identifies (as a man or a woman) — meaning I can get up any given day of the week, especially if I have inclinations that are not right, like being a pedophile or a sexual deviant — and putting in harm’s way children who are using public facilities. They can be taken, they can be molested. We need to be on our guard and understand what’s at stake.

Here are a couple of facts that Jacobs, McCoy, and other anti-trans talking heads ignore:

  • Transgender women are women, entitled to privacy just like any other woman.
  • Transgender identities are enduring — individuals don’t pick a random gender when they wake up in the morning.
  • Bills like this are necessary for the safety of transgender people, who face regular harassment.
  • There is nothing to substantiate the claim and fear that transgender are predators nor that gender identity protections could somehow be used to prey on women or children.
  • There is no magical gender barrier that keeps would-be predators out of bathrooms as it is.

The Baltimore County council is expected to pass the protections. Hopefully, the policy will help prevent incidents like the vicious attack on Chrissy Polis that took place last April in a Baltimore area McDonald’s: