Iowa Conservatives Oppose Bill To List Same-Sex Parents On Birth Certificates

Republican lawmakers in Iowa are opposing a bill that would require “state health officials to list both members of same-sex marriages on their children’s birth certificates” because Iowans did not vote on the right of gay and lesbian people to get married, the Des Moines Register reports. Openly gay state Sen. Matt McCoy (D) introduced the measure after officials failed “to correctly interpret older Iowa law in light of the Iowa Supreme Court ruling” and list the names of two same-sex parents in at least one incident. In that case, a judge has “ordered state health officials to issue a birth certificate listing both members of a same-sex marriage as the legal parents of a 2-year-old girl.” So-called pro-family conservatives in the state are describing McCoy’s bill — which would ensure that both parents are legally responsible for their children — as “more bad fruit,” however. “My position has always been to let the people of Iowa decide what the definition of marriage is, period. It hasn’t changed at all,” State Sen. David Johnson (R) said. “I think if the state were to work its way through that, whatever the decision is by the voters, then we can address other issues.”