Democrats Fire Back At Christie For Opposing Marriage Equality

Yesterday, after the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced marriage equality legislation, New Jersey Democrats tore into Gov. Chris Christie (R) for calling on gay and lesbian marriage rights to be put on the ballot. “We vote on issues here, we don’t put civil rights on the ballot,” Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) said, before criticizing a reporter who suggested that lawmakers were wasting time by holding hearings on a bill that Christie has pledged to veto. “The point of going through a fight for civil rights, are you kidding me? For standing up for people to give them the same rights? I’m offended by that,” he exclaimed. “[I]f the Governor wants to stifle and silence his colleagues that’s one thing, but he’s not going to stifle or silence us. Someone has to stand up for equality and fairness.” Watch it:


Newark Mayor Cory Booker weighs in: “I shudder to think what would have happened if the civil rights gains, heroically established by courageous lawmakers in the 1960s, were instead conveniently left up to popular votes in our 50 states,” Booker said in a statement. “Equal protection under the law – for race, religion, gender or sexual orientation – should not be subject to the most popular sentiments of the day. Marriage equality is not a choice. It is a legal right. I hope our leaders in Trenton will affirm and defend it.”

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