Celebrating National Gay Straight Alliance Day

Today marks the first-ever National Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Day. LGBT Progress and ThinkProgress are glad to be among the partner organizations that are supporting this day and the work that GSAs are doing all across this nation. For decades, GSAs have been creating safe spaces for all students regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and have helped make schools safer for LGBT students by sending a message that biased language (i.e. ‘faggot’ or ‘dyke’) will not be tolerated. GSAs also foster a positive school environment and allowing LGBT to students identify supportive teachers, administrators, and staff, who can positively impact their academic achievements and school experiences. While some conservative activists have tried to prohibit students from starting GSAs, the U.S. Department of Education is standing up for the clubs and has sent a letter to all public schools affirming students’ legal rights to form these groups. For information on how to form a GSA in your school, see The GLSEN Jump-START Guide for Gay-Straight Alliances. — Jerome Hunt