Mitt Romney’s Foundation Funded Ex-Gay Therapy Group

Mitt Romney 2012 tax returns reveal that the former Massachusetts governor donated more than $4 million to the Mormon Church, which is actively opposing marriage equality around the country, and gave “at least $35,000” to anti-gay groups like the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) and the Becket Fund through his charitable foundation. As Rachel Maddow and Wayne Benson of Truth Wins Out reported last night, these organizations — particularly MFI — work to undermine equal rights for gays and lesbians, scare parents about the indoctrination of children into homosexuality, and even promote discredited and harmful ex-gay therapy:

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Romney’s patronage of anti-gay causes is a sharp contrast from the 1993 Massachusetts senate candidate who promised to do a better job of fighting for LGBT rights than the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, the Olympics CEO who extended employment protections to gay and lesbian workers, and the governor who initially reached out to the community. The spending also undermines his more recent claims that he doesn’t “discriminate” against gay people and supports their rights.