Romney Touts Support Of Pastor Who Sees A Correlation Between Marriage Equality And 9/11

Dr. Roberto Miranda

The Romney campaign has released a letter from Christian conservatives touting the former Massachusetts governor’s “solid social conservative credentials,” “leadership on the marriage issue,” and opposition to abortion rights. Romney “helped prevent our nation from being plunged into even worse legal turmoil following the court decision that forced ‘gay marriage’ upon our Commonwealth,” the broad coalition of anti-abortion and anti-gay groups write, dismissing his past support for a woman’s right to choose and gay and lesbian equality:

Governor Romney immediately and strongly condemned the November 18, 2003 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) decision that legalized “same-sex marriage” in our state. More importantly, he followed up on that denunciation with action – action that saved our nation from a constitutional crisis over the definition of marriage. He and his staff identified and enforced a little-known 1913 law that allowed them to order local clerks not to issue marriage licenses to out-of-state couples. Absent this action, homosexual couples would surely have flooded into Massachusetts from other states to get “married” and then demanded that their home states recognize the “marriages,” putting the nation only one court decision away from nationalizing “same-sex marriage.”

Twenty-one religious leaders endorsed the letter, including the Massachusetts Family Institute’s Kristian Mineau, whose organization received donations from Romney’s charitable foundation and promotes discredited ex-gay therapy.

Another signatory, Dr. Roberto Miranda of the COPAHNI Fellowship of Hispanic Pastors of New England, sees marriage equality as the work of the Devil and has drawn a “direct correlation between marriage equality and the September 11th terrorist attacks.” “Is it exaggerated to see prophetic significance in the fact that on September 11, 2001 Boston served as the point of departure for the deadly forces that spread so much destruction and havoc in this nation and all over the world,” he asked. “What took place at the material level is now being carried out at the moral and spiritual level, as the virus of homosexuality and gay marriage begins to spread dramatically all over this nation and perhaps the world.”

Romney echoed a similar message ahead of the South Carolina primary, releasing a commercial in which conservative supporters described him as a candidate who believes in “the sanctity of life, the sacredness of marriage, and the importance of the family.” (HT: Jeremy Hooper)