14-Year-Old Asks Maryland Lawmakers To Vote Down Same-Sex Marriage For Her Birthday

A 14-year-old girl celebrated her birthday with the Maryland’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee this afternoon and told lawmakers that it “would be the best birthday present ever if you would vote no on gay marriage.” “I really feel bad for the kids who have two parents of the same gender,” she said, “they have no idea what kind of wonderful experiences they miss out on.” “People have the choice to be gay, but I don’t want to be affected by their choice. People say they were just born that way, but I’ve met really nice adults who did change.” Listen:


Please note that Sarah’s mother, Kathleen Kositzky Crank, has been actively engaging in our comments section. While we here at ThinkProgress LGBT disagree with her family’s point of view, we still welcome open dialogue in our comments area. Please keep your remarks respectful and focused on the issues.

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