Macy’s Under Attack For Catalogue Cover Featuring Same-Sex Couple Atop Wedding Cake

A group affiliated with the American Family Association has launched an email campaign urging Macy’s to pull an image featured on the cover of a catalogue that shows a three-tier wedding cake with two groom figurines on top. The group calls Macy’s decision to support gay marriage “an irresponsible choice” that is “highly offensive and not family-friendly advertising.” In a statement to Fox News, Macy’s spokesman Beth Charlton stands by the company’s decision, stating, “Macy’s proudly serves a large and diverse marketplace, including customers with a wide range of needs and preferences. We strive to embrace customers of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, races, faith traditions, genders and lifestyles through the products we sell and the content of our marketing.” The deparment store behemoth has made no secret of its past support of marriage equality. In 2008, after the state of California passed Proposition 8, the company released an ad that stated, “First comes love. Then comes marriage. And now it’s a milestone every couple in California can celebrate.” — Fatima Najiy