State Department Working With ‘Private Sector’ To Advance LGBT Equality Around The World

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dan Baer hosted an international web chat with embassies around the world yesterday to discuss and expand upon Hillary Clinton’s landmark commitment to advancing LGBT equality as part of America’s foreign policy objectives.

Baer reiterated the American government’s objection to Russia’s pending anti-gay propaganda bills — arguing that such measures violate international standards of freedom of expression and undermine the freedoms of society as a whole — and pledged to partner with different countries in expanding opportunities for gay and lesbian people. The State Department is also “in conversations right now about how best to engage the private sector” in other nations to take a bold stand for LGBT equality, he revealed.

“We will support and work with partners, those who are interested in having technical conversations about how you develop laws so that they are inclusive and nondiscriminatory,” Baer said and acknowledged that the United States must “lead by example” in recognizing the human rights of all people. Watch the conversation: