Transgender Woman Sues NYPD For Mistreatment

Temmie Breslauer is suing the New York Police Department for allegedly mistreating her while she was in custody for a minor infraction (misusing a discount subway fare card). She claims she was chained to a fence with her hand over her head where she was forced to sit for 28 hours. As Jezebel highlights, Breslauer is not the first transgender person to allege unfair treatment by the NYPD. When Justin Adkins was arrested with other Occupy Wall Street protesters, he, alone, was handcuffed to a toilet for eight hours and denied food while others received it. According to a 2009 list of demands from transgender advocates and lawyers, there have been at least five other lawsuits since 2004 against the NYPD for selective mistreatment of transgender people.