National Organization For Marriage’s Talking Points Exposed, Refuted

Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson effectively smacked down the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) standard talking points against extending marriage to gays and lesbians during a debate on a local news program this weekend. Wolfson reiterated that marriage rights and other civil liberties should not be put to a popular vote, but rather decided by lawmakers. “The people elected legislators. They elected legislators to do their job. If the legislators don’t do their job the people can vote them out,” Wolfson explained.

He also swatted away NOM’s charge that New York’s marriage law has undermined the religious liberties of conservative marriage clerks:

WOLFSON: The only example Mr. Brown can talk about is that people who receive government salaries to serve all the people in New York, take an oath to serve the people in New York in the performance of their job will be told they have to perform their job. That’s the only example he can give. By the way, that has nothing to do with marriage. That’s about nondiscrimination law. In America we have very settled principles that when you operate in the public sphere, when you take a government job, when you say as a government clerk or justice of the peace or somebody drawing a government salary you’re going to serve all New Yorkers, you have to serve all New Yorkers.

Watch it:

(HT: Jeremy Hooper)