Washington Governor Urges ‘Younger Generation’ To Lobby Chris Christie On Marriage Equality

Gov. Chris Gregoire (D) is urging young voters in New Jersey to “reach out” to Gov. Chris Christie (R) on the issue of marriage equality, just days after signing legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington State.

Gregoire has written a letter to Christie detailing her own evolution on the issue as a practicing Catholic and asked the New Jersey lawmaker to “please give me a call” to discuss the matter. Christie has thus far ignored the correspondence and pledged to swiftly veto the same-sex marriage bill making its way through New Jersey’s legislature in order to “move on to the things the people of New Jersey say are most important to them.”

“I have not heard from [Christie],” Gregoire told Michael Castner of Wall Street Journal’s The Daily Wrap in an interview yesterday, but suggested that young people could still convince the governor to change his mind:

CASTNER: Do you think you’re going to hear from him? Do you think there is any change of heart he may have?

GREGOIRE: You know, I dont know, now that he has been as adamant as he has been, but I do know what really reached me and that is the younger generation who really have fundamentally come to believe that this is the civil rights issue of their generation. Much like my generation so racial equality as the civil rights issue of my generation, we’re by no means done. So, if the younger generation of the state could reach out to him, I think that that would probably be the most effective way to do it.


Gregoire also responded to Christie’s suggestion that the state is too busy with economic issues to focus on same-sex marriage legislation, noting, “We multi-task all the time. And surely we put equality as a priority in whatever legislative session we’re in and whatever time we’re in, but I know that now is the time for us.”

The New Jersey Senate passed the measure earlier this week and the Assembly is expected to take up the marriage bill on Thursday.