Previously Undecided Democratic Delegate Backs Marriage Equality Bill

Maryland Del. Pam Beidle (D-Anne Arundel), who calls herself a “moderate Democrat,” will back marriage equality legislation in the vote, expected to come tomorrow. She said today that she will vote for the bill, but believes that it should be put to voters in a referendum. Last week, Beidle called herself “personally torn,” and noted that the decision was “difficult” as she believed half of her district supports civil marriage equality and half opposed it. Beidle joins two Republican delegates in supporting the provision, but it’s not immediately clear if marriage equality has the 71 votes necessary for passage.


Another Democrat has moved from the “undecided” column to “yes” — Del. Johnny Olszewski Jr. of Baltimore County. The vote is still considered too close to call and Del. Veronica Turner (D-Prince George’s), a supporter of marriage equality, was hospitalized last night with a medical issue.

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