Anti-Gay Group Claims Navy Added Wrong To Advance Homosexual Agenda

Elaine Donnelly of the self-run Center for Military Readiness apparently has nothing better to do than continue opposing the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell months after it took effect. Supported by the Catholic Thomas More Law Center, she has filed a federal Freedom of Information Act suit against the Navy, alleging that it distorted the figures from its study to make it look like more of the armed forces supported repeal. Her objection? That those who responded that ending DADT would have a “mixed” result or “no effect” were counted among those who felt it would have “a neutral or positive impact.” In other words, she’s suing because the Pentagon added up numbers to categorize servicemembers who felt neutral about the implications of repeal as “neutral.” Even if the suit is found to have an ounce of merit, it will not have any impact on the law’s repeal.