NH Republican Lawmaker: Push To Repeal Marriage Equality Will Create ‘Backlash Against Republicans’

Republicans lawmakers in New Hampshire may soon vote on a measure to repeal the state’s same-sex marriage law, but at least one GOP lawmaker is calling on his party to drop the issue. State Rep. Seth Cohn, who the New York Times describes as a “libertarian Republican” says the push “would in fact harm the Republicans’ chance of staying in power after 2012, whether or not it succeeds.” “They want this as an election issue,” he said of the Democrats. “I think it’s going to backlash against the Republicans who, in the face of the polls, are choosing not to believe the average person is O.K. with this situation.” Republicans have majorities in both chambers of the legislature, although if Cohn’s sentiment is any indication, they may not have the two-thirds majority necessary to override Gov. John Lynch’s veto of the measure.