New Gingrich Tells A Story About A 6 Foot ‘Transvestite’

During an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on Friday, Newt Gingrich was asked to explain what Republicans mean by the phrase “San Francisco values,” which the party often uses to describe Democrats’s support for liberal social policies like same-sex marriage. Gingrich responded by telling a story about his experiences in the city during the 1984 Democratic convention, when, while being interviewed by CBS News, the former Speaker was approached by “a transvestite”:

GINGRICH: CBS is interviewing me and this guy toses me this perfect softball, you know. “The Republicans are going to Dallas — which has the largest Baptist Church in the country. The Democrats are here in San Francisco, which has the largest gay movement in the country. Does this say something about the two parties.”

Literally at that moment a 6’2″ transvestite walks up to me and hands me an invitation to an exorcism of Jerry Falwell by Sister Boom. The guy from CBS says, ‘cut. I cannot send this to New York. They will never believe you didn’t stage this.’ I just cite that as some vague — I really mean the Sierra Club, which has gone off the deep end as a general rule. Basically very, very left-wing values.

Watch it:

As Raw Story notes, in 1984, “gay activist Sister Boom Boom and five members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence did perform a mock exorcism of actors dressed as Rev. Jerry Falwell and anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly in Union Square.” “They are here in the name or morality,” Sister Boom Boom reportedly the said of the two conservative icons. “To equate morality with sexual behavior takes a filthy, prurient mind.”