The Morning Pride: February 29, 2012

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Two different challenges have been filed to the language of Washington’s Referendum 74, a vote on the state’s new marriage equality law, because it currently describes the law as “redefining marriage.” Conservative attorney general candidate Stephen Pidgeon has also launched an effort to ban same-sex marriage, known as Initiative 1192.

– Northeastern University has canceled plans to bring Chick-fil-A to campus after the student Senate resolved 31-5 against the proposal because of the chains record of opposing gay rights.

– Students and alumni of Harvard University are petitioning and protesting the administration to grant honorary degrees to nine students who were expelled and kicked out of Cambridge in 1920 by a secret court set up to hunt down homosexuals.

– The University of Pennsylvania has extended its employee insurance to cover the health needs of transgender staff, including sexual reassignment surgery.

– The Student Government at the University of South Carolina is considering gender-neutral bathrooms and housing.

– Mount Pleasant, Michigan is the latest municipality to have a heated debate about creating LGBT non-discrimination protections.

– A St. Louis music teacher has been fired from his job at a St. Ann Catholic School for announcing plans to marry his same-sex partner of 20 years.

– Almost 150,000 people have signed a petition calling on the MPAA to lower its rating on the new documentary Bully from R to PG-13 so that it can be shown in schools.

Conservatives are concerned that a new law in Alberta promoting diversity education will make it illegal to teach that homosexuality is sinful.

– After some confusion over the past week, the government of India has clarified it accepts a Supreme Court ruling that gay sex is legal.

– Last week’s winter finale of Glee, which featured an attempted suicide and an accompanying PSA featuring Daniel Radcliffe, led to record traffic on the Trevor Project’s website.

– Josh Hutcherson of The Kids Are All Right and The Hunger Games has joined the group Straight But Not Narrow to support the Gay-Straight Alliance Network: